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Corona Virus - My Own Tutor Franchise and a changing market 


All good businesses adapt as the situation changes. Those that are able to make the most out of changing circumstances are those that not only survive; they succeed.

We understand that anyone thinking about tuition centre businesses at the moment may be having a 'wait and see' moment.

Of course we are all very worried about the effects of this pandemic on our business, and we hope that as many families as possible come through it in tact, but My Own Tutor is uniquely able and prepared to grow during this terrible worldwide event, while at the same time, helping families to maintain their children's educational support in a cost effective way.

For any one who wants to become a franchisee before the end of this March, we are offering an initial payment price of £1275 with the remaining payments being deferred until August. If at that time you decide not to proceed, you can simply terminate with nothing more to pay.

But let me tell you more about what we are doing:

We announce a 'lite' version of the study programme for home study use only (My Own Tutor Essential) that is just £4.80 per week, with the franchisee making £3 per week per sale. This is a special offer where My Own Tutor will take just £1.80 per week per student (even if that student is attending your tuition centre).

This means :

  1. If you only get 15 new students per month, you will get pay back on your investment by month 4.

  2. You can build a user base for when the situation eases and people will not be so nervous about sending their children to tuition centres, that you can then up-sell to tuition centre attendance.

  3. We are also announcing our Virtual Class service please see www.myowntutoracademy.co.uk

  4. This will give extra revenue opportunities to each franchisee and will position us well for the way in which people's patterns of behaviours will inevitably change as a consequence of using online facilities during the outbreak of the virus.

  5. We make no apology for saying loudly and clearly - our service to students and our franchise is already superior to First Class and Kumon...we offer lessons (they do not), we offer Maths, Science and English (they do not offer Science); we go up to GCSE - (they do not) - and with the onset of the virus consider these things - all of which we do - and they cannot.

  6.  Paper based services need marking; paper based services cannot offer reports; if you do not have lessons to watch online 24/7 - how are you supporting your students. My Own Tutor offers a proven functioning learning support service, along with a well-oiled process for supporting our franchisees.

As part of this agreement, you will get your own exclusive are for use when you want to open you tuition centre - at that time - you either pay the full balance or the balance due on the payment plan.

I believe that My Own Tutor is fundamentally prepared to meet the challenge of the Corona Virus and ideally suited to meet the increased demand that there will inevitably be. 

Call our CEO on 07837189601 to discuss how to get started. Or email admin@myowntutor.org

For administrative and training purposes, this offer will be restricted to the next 5 franchisees to sign up or the end of March - whichever is the sooner.