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Our Franchise offers 5 different ways to earn from it:

1. Online tuition services - tuition sessions

2. Tuition Centres

3. Partnering with Sports clubs for joint sports and tuition

4. Catch up tuition in schools (see immediately below)

5. Online lessons/classes

With our help, one of our franchisees has a school in Kent as its customer. We will be looking to help all franchisees follow the same successful model as a part of building their business.

Here is what the teacher in Kent wrote where we ran a pilot which is now expanding - ‘MyOwnTutor in Schools - I believe the reason this programme is working is because all stakeholders play a vital role as well as have a vested interest in its success, that is, pupils, parents and teachers (tutors), all understand the  catch-up programme's vision.  

This catch-up programme's model was birthed from the needs that emerged from the pandemic; students are a part of a small group of 6 led by a teacher who builds customized lessons to meet the needs of their students on an individualised basis, using the MyOwnTutor study programme.  The sessions are not conventional lessons, where the students are all taught the same thing at the same time. Each student works on the Study Programme, at a level which is suitable for them, and on topics which they need to work on. So they are all doing different work. During the session, each one of them gets individual teaching from the tutor specifically on a topic which they are finding difficult.

Parents get involved from the onset, as teachers contact each parent and explain the rationale of the programme for their child and what is hoped to be achieved by the end of the programme. The parents have access to the reports which the Study Programme produces and which they also receive by email once a week.

The teachers find the relationship formed with the small group of pupils they work with are "very rewarding". Our teachers get excited when they see their pupils making progress (in some cases "rapid progress"). I believe this  relationship is vital for students, as students enjoy their sessions when they realize they are not forced to learn things they already know or have to struggle on content they lack the prerequisites to comprehend – without the MyOwnTutor Study Programme all of this would be either very difficult or impossible to deliver.

The Study Programme means:

  • Teachers do not have to prepare a single lesson which fits all 6 students in the group. Students have different problem areas and different abilities, so being able to work in a group, yet individualise the learning, achieves two important things – lower cost yet with one-to-one teaching.

  • There is a wide range of content to provide exercises for the students to do, with many questions in each topic.

  • Teachers do not have to do any marking.

  • Reports are created automatically to inform parents of progress.

  • The reports are a useful diagnostic tool for teachers to identify which gaps and weaknesses each student may have on an individual basis.

  • Students have access to the Study Programme 24*7 and can therefore practice at home and watch lessons in any topic if they wish.

  As the programme expands within its current schools and to other schools, the core will remain, that is, tuition without limits.’ – Marsha Pryce MYP Mathematics Coordinator for the Leigh Academies Trust

The video below is a recording of a recent Zoom discovery session. It is not a 'slick' production, but a recording of an actual zoom discovery session.

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1.     We are the only education franchise to offer both online and physical tuition centre opportunities to build your profitable business. You can run physical tuition centres hired by the hour, or just run online tuition – or do both!! The choice is yours.

2.    We have a proven service to bring to schools in your exclusive area. – and we will help you build the relationship with your local schools.

3.   We have a proven way of working with local sports clubs of all sizes to provide sport and academic coaching (very popular with children and parents) and we will help you build the relationship with your local sports.

4.    We can help you find local tutors for your business if you need help.

5.   We can provide you with online tutors to run online sessions for you.

6.   We DO NOT charge franchisees a monthly fixed fee.

7.     JUST 30 STUDENTS – earns you £2500 PROFIT per MONTH

8.    If you want to run physical tuition centres; we can provide laptops at £80 each.

9.     We are the only education franchise  offering the BUY AS YOU EARN option.

·         Buy as you earn – pay £1430 initial payment, followed by 24 monthly Payments of £185  and join our franchisee training pathway now and we will have you ready to start in September, with customers waiting to sign up. We want a group of 3 new franchisees to sign up for our pathway BUY AS YOU EARN franchise

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The opportunities for tuition businesses have never been better. Not only are parents looking to help their children catch up on lost learning, which because of the compounding effect of learning loss is estimated to be now 2 years, but for those tuition businesses which establish themselves now there will be increasing opportunities because of the government's plans for 2022 .

It is already clear that teachers will neither be willing nor able to fill the extra hours planned and that tutors are an intrinsic part of the plan. Our tuition service is a proven cost effective way to help children improve quickly. Join us now to help meet the increasing demand for tuition.

Join the growing tuition business now with the best value tuition franchise there is. Contact us to arrange a zoom discovery session, phone conversation or face-to-face meeting with our CEO. The Times Newspaper outlines leaked government plans to be spending money on outside school tuition services from 2022 to help our children catch up. Get set up now to take advantage of the growth in tuition business.


Our tuition service is a proven cost effective way to help children improve quickly. Join us now to help meet the increasing demand for tuition. Before the government started talking about catch up plans there were already forecasts for growth in the tuition sector........

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)—December 2020 - Market Research Group Technavio has been monitoring the tutoring market in the UK and it is poised to grow by USD 6.22 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of over 14% during the forecast period.

Now is the best time to get a tuition franchise. Demand for tuition for kids to catch up is growing daily and will surge through the summer as parents want their kids to catch up on the learning they have lost before the next school year starts.

  • Tuition centres are opening again, with parents wanting to get their children out and about doing things.

  • We are working with sports clubs to jointly run Catch-Up clubs where kids will get an hour tuition and an hour sports activities…(link to video)


We provide full support to help franchisees build their businesses.

We do not charge any

fixed monthly franchise fees.