LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)—December 2020 - Market Research Group Technavio has been monitoring the tutoring market in the UK and it is poised to grow by USD 6.22 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of over 14% during the forecast period.

News about the best Education franchise My Own Tutor

Now is the best time to get a tuition franchise. Demand for tuition for kids to catch up is growing daily and will surge through the summer as parents want their kids to catch up on the learning they have lost before the next school year starts.

  • Tuition centres are opening again, with parents wanting to get their children out and about doing things.

  • We are working with sports clubs to jointly run Catch-Up clubs where kids will get an hour tuition and an hour sports activities…watch promo video

  • We are revamping our franchise offerings to provide more flexibility and more choice to become a franchisee. You can still sign up to the exiting standard offering until the 27th May, after which it will be withdrawn. These new offerings below are available now:

    • We are trialling a new form of single site licence at a lower price – where you can run a tuition centre in one site. We will only be offering two of these for now as a try out, so the first 2 to sign up will get this new licence. The price is £3250 without laptops and with 10 refurbished laptops it is £4250.

    • Virtual Tuition franchise – where you can run virtual tuition centre and classes – therefore an online only service. The price of this is £3250.

    • Single/Virtual - This type is within the trial programme where we will only be trialling with the first 2 to sign up - Single Site and Virtual – where you can run a single site and virtual tuition centre/classes. The price of this is £4250 without laptops and £5250 with 10 laptops.

    • Standard Franchise – where within your area you can run multiple tuition centres location. The price of this is £4850 without laptops and £5850 with 10 laptops.

    • Premium Franchise – same as the Standard Franchise plus Virtual Tuition Franchise. The price of this is £5850 without laptops and £6850 with 10 laptops.

  • Our standard franchise offering will remain available until the 27th May for those who wish to sign up for one of them 

  • The payment plan option is also being withdrawn on the 27th May, so if you wish to join that way, then please again, contact us as quickly as possible.


My Own Tutor Franchise Packages





























What you get with the Franchise

  1. Full training

  2. Your own website

  3. Marketing material and support

  4. Various other items- territory, licensed centre position, laptops, depending on which option is taken – see above.

 My Own Tutor Franchise

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We provide full support to help franchisees build their businesses.

We do not charge any

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