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Further Education

Post 16 providers have significant difficulty meeting the challenge of delivering Maths and English to their students:

1. Students have resistance and a lack of emotional resilience to repeating their maths and English GCSE, particularly within a classroom model similar to their school experience.

2. Colleges face significant challenges recruiting qualified, experienced GCSE maths and English tutors.

3. Achieving satisfactory outcomes for learners can be disappointing:

a. Attendance and punctuality to physical lessons is poor.

b. Retention on courses is low.

c. Pass rates are significantly below schools.

Further Education Student

A Further Education College can engage with

My Own Tutor in at least 2 ways:

1. Use our online study programme available 24/7 with its detailed topic level reports to identify where students need help to support the delivery provided by their existing teachers.

2. We can provide a full online study programme with virtual live teacher tuition sessions, giving greater flexibility to students for attendance, as well as more support through live virtual lessons, supervised study periods and a teacher helpline.

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