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£45 per week Franchise Pathway 
Turn a £45 investment into £30000 profit per year
and ultimately into your own tuition business.

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The pathway works slightly differently - like this
Our Commitment:
* You will get free membership of Shop2Learn to give you amazing savings on household spending
* We provide full training for you to help you get tuition sales.
* We give you marketing materials and support to help you find students.
* We provide online zoom sales sessions for your potential customers. 
* We do all of the customer support and payment processing. 

* We do all of the online tuition sessions on your behalf, and if you are suitable, you can be one of the tutors delivering tuition and get paid £25 per hour for tuition as well.
* We give you £7.50 per student per session for students who sign up for online tuition (includes £4.25 for study programme).
* We give you £4.25 per week for every student who signs up for study programme only. 
* Once you have reached 50 students for 6 months, we give you the full status of being a franchisee, with nothing more to pay to buy the 'online' franchise (value £3950). 
* Alternatively,  you might decide, after a while, that you want to become a full franchisee and make more profit from your students - and so you can buy the franchise at any time, by paying the difference between what  you have paid so far and the price of the franchise. For example, if you have paid us £1500 through Student Fees, that £1500 is subtracted from the purchase price of the franchise. 

Your Commitment: 
* We would like 3 months from you, to give us and you a chance to get things going for you. You pay us £1.50 Student Fees per week for a minimum 30 students and this is paid on a monthly  basis, from the start. 
Naturally, you can increase that number from 30 as you sign up your new student customers.

If all 30 students sign up for one hour tuition per week, you will make £180 profit per week (recurring income) - that's every week they stay as a student, and most stay at least a year.

If  half of your 30 students sign up for study programme only and the other half sign up for tuition of 1 hour per week, your
profit per week will be c.£127.50 (over £6,000 per year)And that is one of the great things about having your own tuition business - you sign up a customer once and you make a profit from them every week they stay a customer (usually at least 18 months).Of course, as a full franchisee your profit would be more like £300 per week from 20 students.You can change your status to become a full franchisee at any time by paying the balance of the franchise price. We are giving you the opportunity to see what its like running a business in the tuition industry.You can stay on the pathway as long as you like - so we really are offering a franchise where you can truly 'Try Before You Buy'.

One of the great things about having your own tuition business - you sign up a customer once and you make a positive difference in someone's life while earning a profit from them every week they stay a customer (usually at least 18 months). And don't forget that everyone of your customers gets free membership of
Shop2Learn, which can save them a great deal on everyday household spending. And you get free membership of Shop2Learn as well, of course.

We recognise that there are many people who want to start their own tuition business, but who cannot make the up-front financial commitment to buy a franchise, even with a payment plan. Or perhaps you aren't yet quite sure if this is for you. We have a new way to become a franchisee using our pathway. Our new Pathway helps with all of those issues.

Any franchisor will tell you that what is important to us is to have a level of commitment from the franchisee to make a success of their business...and the traditional way of getting that commitment is to have the franchisee buy the franchise.

Many potential franchisees want to have a way of trying out the franchise before making the full financial commitment, which is difficult for a franchisor to do, because it does take time  and financial investment to set up a franchisee.

We do need to have commitment from a franchisee to get them started, so we at My Own Tutor have created a way of doing what many people require - i.e. 'try before they buy' and satisfying what we require - i.e. a level of commitment from the potential franchisee.

All My Own Tutor students use our study programme, which can be subscribed to with or without taking tuition. 

Introduce others on to the pathway - you earn 10% of what they pay to us

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