My Own Tutor provides effective, affordable learning support to all.

Only £4950  (£4250 without laptops)

We have been operating our service to families and students for over 10 years.

What you get with your franchise:

  • Your own exclusive sales area

  • 10 warranted refurbished Windows 10 laptops

  • Your own website

  • Our central sales team signing up customers on your behalf

  • Social media marketing support

  • Community Connection sales multiplier

  • Option for us to run your virtual tuition if you wish

We have been franchising our service for over 3 years and there are still plenty of areas available to take up the franchise opportunity.

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We have two franchising options and unlike most other franchises. Our Pathway franchise, allows you to get started with an initial payment of £2950, followed by monthly payments of £200 per month for 12 months. Which means that you will be paying for the franchise out of earnings which you make from your My Own tutor business. Also, our central sales team will be acquiring customers on your behalf, to help you grow your business. 

We do not charge fixed monthly franchise fees

We have always been at the cutting edge of delivering learning support to students in the home and tuition centres.

Our student services are constantly expanding and we are always striving to stay ahead of the market with fresh strategies, better service and new ideas.


Tuition has always been an exceptional franchise opportunity. With the disruption to schooling and the long term damage done to many children’s learning, there are clearly exceptional opportunities for our business now and into the future. My Own Tutor is the best placed tuition franchise to offer relevant services at this time.


We provide full support to help franchisees build their businesses.

We do not charge any

fixed monthly franchise fees.




Our franchise payment options are:

Pathway (£2950 + monthly payments of £200 for 12 months)

Standard (£4950)