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Education Rescue

They have been called the country’s lost children.

Hundreds of thousands of pupils have suffered as the coronavirus pandemic has savaged the education system in the past 17 months.

They have paid a heavy price for protecting the elderly and the NHS.

Schools were closed. Millions of lessons were scrapped and there are fears some pupils may never catch up.

In the last week of June, one in 20 of all schoolchildren - 375,000, were isolating because a classmate had shown Covid-19 symptoms. This was the highest number since schools reopened in March.

It will take a huge national effort to recover from this crisis and help children catch up.

Now a home schooling company is launching a new online teaching campaign across the country to help as many pupils as possible get back on track.

My Own Tutor has been running for more than a decade.

But the damage caused by the pandemic has led the company to set up the education Rescue project.

Chief Operations Officer of My Own Tutor, David York, said: “There has been a year’s worth of learning loss for some children and more in other cases. Many parents simply don’t know what to do.”

He said some schools had dropped the ball and many children had become bored with and disengaged from learning.

“Many parents have lost faith in the education system and there is a lot of uncertainty.”

Pupils have also been hugely disproportionately affected by having to self isolate - entire classes have had to do so  when just one classmate showed symptoms.

“The effects of the past year have had a devastating effect on some children in their educational and social development and mental health.

"It’s time to put as many resources as possible into trying to make up for this.”

Although the on-line programmes are designed for all students, David said they had a real focus on those who might ‘fall through the cracks in the system.'

These include looked after and foster children, young carers, the disadvantaged and underprivileged for example.

"We wanted to put together with the help of the charitable sector, something that will take a fraction of the money the government wants to put in. They have promised £1.4bn but that only represents a few hours of teaching for each pupil. It is nowhere near enough."

"We are already in advanced discussions with local and national charities to work in concert with them."

Every home study programme is specially tailored for the individual pupil, backed up with highly detailed analytics tracking their progress in each subject and even each element of each subject.

Every topic in every subject has a full report with a weekly progress chart so the teacher can see exactly how a pupil is doing in each area so the help from the tutor can be directed in a more proactive, engaging and targeted way.

The data built-up can act as a educational passport for the pupil as they move through their school years. It can travel with them where-ever they go.

The study programme is the heart of the My Own Tutor initiative and everything stems from it.

The programme is built on the principles of timetable, lessons, practice, feedback, diagnosis and remedy.

Phil Thorn who runs the My Own Tutor franchise in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey explained the philosophy.

"We looking to complement what the government is doing and add greater value - it's national scheme but delivered locally.

"By connecting with local organisations and charities and with our teams of tutors in each region we believe we can make a big difference in helping students to catch up.

"We see families every day so we know what the reality is for many parents and children."

Phil said one of the drawbacks of group teaching was everyone had to go along at the same level making it much more difficult for those who are struggling to keep pace.

"So we teach and help each pupil at their level and that also helps with behavioural issues because it is such challenge for children if they are not being taught at the right level.

"If you are being taught and it is all going over your head, you are very likely to disengage and that can lead to all kinds of other issues."

Phil said central to the success of the programme and education more widely was engagement.

The company, which has a vast network of home tutors, is looking to partner with a range of clubs cross the country- sports, arts and crafts, dance and drama to name a few, for children to enjoy physical activities alongside their academic learning.

One of its very successful initiatives in the past has been teaming up with football clubs such as Crystal Palace and Millwall. Children did an hour of schoolwork with their tutors as the club and then spent an hour with football coaches.

"Everything we do is aimed at the long term because there will always be children who need help. The problem has simply been exacerbated many times over with Covid," said David.

"And I really believe that a better educated population means a more civilised and caring society."

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The opportunities for tuition businesses have never been better. Not only are parents looking to help their children catch up on lost learning, which because of the compounding effect of learning loss is estimated to be now 2 years, but for those tuition businesses which establish themselves now there will be increasing opportunities because of the government's plans for 2022 .

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Our tuition service is a proven cost effective way to help children improve quickly. Join us now to help meet the increasing demand for tuition. Before the government started talking about catch up plans there were already forecasts for growth in the tuition sector........

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