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ChromeBook Offer

So you've signed up for the Study Programme and perhaps some online tuition.

You're raring to go but there's one problem...

You haven't got a computer to work on!

Actually, no problem. My Own Tutor are able to provide students with a high quality refurbished ChromeBook similar to the one presented here (HP, Dell or other major brand). At least 2GB RAM and 16GB SSD* It's the perfect compliment to our Study Programme and we use them frequently in our physical tuition centres.

ChromeBooks are lightweight, with longer lasting batteries than regular laptops and because they have a simple operating system are also much faster. 

A new ChromeBook can cost anything from £200 to £700 but we offer our refurbished models at cost price  - just £79. 

We will send it to you directly within a few days of receiving payment.

chromebook MOT.png

* model, brand and specifications may vary. All chromebooks come with a 12 month warranty

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