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My Own Tutor

We understand that these are trying, uncertain and confusing times when it comes to learning.


Send us your questions, conundrums, dilemmas or problems regarding tuition or education and  our team of experienced tutors and teachers will contact you directly to help you through whatever it is you are struggling with.


You will receive an email with your advice or a private call if you prefer. 


We are compiling questions and answers and will post them below in order to help other parents and students. Your identity and details will be kept confidential if you are willing to take part.

Thanks for your question! You'll get your answer soon

My Own Tutor

We hold regular forums for parents, education providers and students who would like to discuss their concerns, questions and have our experienced tutors and educators field them.

We hold a Zoom forum on a Sunday

for Secondary School concerns

We also hold a Zoom forum on a Wednesday for Primary School concerns

If you would like to take part please request a link by completing the form below

Which Forum(s) would you l to attend

We look forward to seeing you at the next Forum!

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