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What is "Tuition Without Limits"?

After 10 years of providing both face to face and online tuition, My Own Tutor has proven that with:

  • Regular support

  • Understanding mistakes as they happen

  • Incremental daily study

children have a greater chance of success in their education.

Our service is designed to start children at their own pace and ability level to build confidence, so that they want to learn and we also make sure that their learning is engaging. It is much more likely that they will enjoy the experience and feel the satisfaction of reward and achievement, when the learning experience is tailored to fit their ability and speed of learning.

High quality education, tuition and learning support should be available to all who want it. We aim to give every aspirational family, no matter where they are, or from what background they come, access to comprehensive, affordable and excellent tuition and learning support for their children.

We aspire to Tuition Without Limits:

  • No limits to access because of price

  • No limits to what your children can achieve

  • No limits to the range of tuition services we will create and make available at truly affordable prices.



“My daughter was lacking in confidence at school with all her GCSE subjects. Within a few days of signing up with My Own Tutor we are now on a path where her confidence has been boosted in all subjects, but where she needs some extra tuition, a tutor has been there to help her through the tricky maths techniques she was struggling with. We are so grateful for My Own Tutor and highly recommend them.” 


Z. C.  -  Parent

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